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PAT Home Visits

On each home visit, your PAT-trained parent educator and you will:

Look at your child’s growth and development and talk about the parenting challenges you face right now. For example, a PAT Parent Educator will help you understand the reason for your 2-year-old’s tantrums. She’ll give you suggestions for what to do when tantrums happen.

Talk about family life in your home and how it impacts your child’s development, your parenting values and decisions. Does your child’s behavior change when a step-sister is over for a visit? Is it hard for your child to get used to the rules in your home when she’s been visiting grandparents for a few days?

Build strong protective factors to keep you, your child and family healthy, strong and resilient. Doctor and dentist appointments are important. Safe and quality child care is important. Food, clothing, shelter—Parent Educators are prepared to help families get the services they need.