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Parents as Teachers Program

How does Parents as Teachers (PAT) work?

Since this is YOUR child and YOUR family, YOU set the plan for each home visit. Your personal Parent Educator is there to provide well-researched information to help you make good parenting decisions and to provide support for you in times of need. The two of you will talk about things like your child’s eating, sleeping and toileting habits. Your Parent Educator will also bring activities and books that will show new and fun ways to read and play with your child.


There’s more…

  • Special meeting days at the Family Center will provide play groups that link you to other families. All of you can learn and grow together as parents.
  • Regular health and developmental screenings to make sure your child is healthy and developing on track.
  • Connections to additional help or resources in the community can be made by your Parent Educator.

The PAT program is effective.

Parents as Teachers is an evidence-based program, which means that families who participated in the PAT program found that it was useful to them. Parents as Teachers members, like the Family Center of Wayne County, are required to follow the guidelines of the program to insure that families who participate will find the program to helpful and fun.


Want to learn more?

There are four dynamic pieces to the Parents as Teachers program:


  • Personal Visits
  • Group Connections (Play Groups)
  • Resource Network
  • Child Screening

These four pieces form a group of services that have four main goals:


  1. Increase parent knowledge of your child’s development and how you can be the best parent for your child.
  2. Provide early detection of any developmental delays or health issues.
  3. Prevent child abuse and neglect.
  4. Increase children’s school readiness and success.

The Parents as Teachers program for providing services to families with children from the prenatal period to kindergarten has been thoroughly tested and has been shown to produce results.



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